Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunset on the NJ Turnpike

Taken February 11th, 2011

Between Exit 9 and Exit 8A

Taken October 24th, 2010


Newark Newark Airport
Lindin Power Plant


notElon said...

You weren't the one driving when you took those pictures, were you?

Art For Your Sake said...
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Art For Your Sake said...

Hi there. Listen I am trying to put together a photomontage based on a memory my husband had of driving his father at sunset in 1973 on that stretch of the NJ Turnpike that has refineries on one side and planes from Newark on the other. Is there any way you might still have a higher res picture from this set of "Sunset on the NJ turnpike" that might work? I'm here in NYC: Would love to hear from you!