Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stupidity at the Supermarket, Part I. Pathmark and the A&P Weekly Sale Circulars

Considering that I have retired from cooking, I spend a considerable amount of time shopping for food.

In the next several posts, I will rant on the some of the absurdities I encounter while doing so, with particular emphasis on some outstanding examples of the food advertising and marketing genius I come across.

To be prepared before I go shopping, I usually review the weekly supermarket sale circulars. The circulars are for telling you what is on sale this week, and what the sale price is.

However, that isn't good enough for Pathmark and A&P.

Instead of just telling you how much a thing costs, they tell you how much several of the same thing cost, and then how much each individual item costs.

So maybe this makes sense if individual items are only sold together in a pack, and you could use a little help figuring out the cost per item:

But what is the point of these?

Just say that the stupid thing is selling for $2.50, 0r $2.00.

And this blather is downright insulting!

Disclaimer: The appearance of a product in this blog post is by no means an endorsement of that product, an indication of the kathrut of that product, or anything other than ridicule of the ad for that product, both by the poster of this blog and by

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