Sunday, June 30, 2013

Very Friendly Skies


First of all, for Poot and anyone else who doesn't know,  my Pi and I are flying down to Florida today to help out Uncle Solly who is getting out of rehab on Tuesday.

 Our flight was sched to leave at 2:50pm but we agreed to be bumped to a flight leaving at 8:30.

 For this, we are being compensated with

   - Two $300 united travel certificates

   - Two $10 food vouchers (thank you United for paying for our Ben and Jerry ice creams (1st round))

   - On the 8:30 flight, we get to fly FIRST CLASS!

 And to top it off, our original flight has been delayed 2 1/2 hours (so far! They keep advancing the delayed time by ½ hour increments.)

 To kill the time (besides getting the ice cream) we are using my 2 free United Club tkts (came with the United visa card) to hang out in the “Club”.

 Which has work stations (I am hooked up to send this email)

cushy bathrooms, complementary food (good thing the junk food has no hashgacha (uh oh, just found Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and Walker Shortbread!)) tea coffee,

and cushy armchairs by huge windows with an amazing view of the runway.

Just checked - our original flight is up to 3 hr delay.  We'll see who gets out first!

This Is Going to Be Amazing!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ribono Shel Olam Security Systems

So...  I wonder if this comes with anything electronic as a backup?

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