Monday, January 6, 2020

This Post is For My Granddaughter Ruth Who Loves Owls

On January 1st, 2020 (not only the first day of a new decade, but what feels like a date from a science fiction novel,) Bob and I spent the afternoon on Honeymoon Island State Park. (We also were there the next day, but that will be another post.)

Being at Honeymoon Island State Park was very appropriate on January 1st because on January 3rd, we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary (all our family celebrations start at least a week early).  

(FYI, the reason I married Bob was because he had been to Yellowstone and helped me plan a trip - and clearly we still love to travel.)  

Anyway, on the Honeymoon Island Nature Trail we saw not just one, but TWO great horned owls! Which was very exciting because our granddaughter Ruth LOVES owls!

We saw the mother sitting on her nest and the father directly above us in a tree. Which made it hard to take his picture because of the weird angle, and also felt a little dangerous standing right beneath him (if you know what I mean.)

The nest was pretty far away so the mother isn't clear...

But the father was very close...

We also saw two bald eagles watching over their nest (the photo only shows one)
And more ospreys than we could count

 Including this one eating a fish

But... TWO great horned owls! 

(Regarding what I said at the beginning about science fiction future, for some reason the year 2020 feels much weirder than the years 1984, or Y2K, or even 2001 did. Anyone else feel this way?)  

Jan 1st - Two Months on the Road - Happy New Year!

Hard to believe it's been two months since we left home!

We’ve been in Florida since November 22nd. After going through some of the panhandle, we have been moseying south down Florida’s gulf coast. We are currently in St. Petersburg.

Our status:

  • Still not bored.
  • Still talking to each other.
  • So nice to sleep in my own bed every night.
  • My phone died a few weeks ago. Don't text; Email me. 
  • We have spent one night in a motel.
  • Constantly grocery shopping. Due to limited space, we have to buy only what we need in the next few days. Costco sizes not going to fit.
  • I have been trying to buy a pink plastic flamingo to put in front of Our V when we camp. So far, can't find one.

Time passes strangely. Each day flies by, but we are constantly saying, “Wait, was that just yesterday? Seems like days ago!” Yet it doesn’t feel like it’s been two months.

Florida - Gulf coast, barrier islands, very long bridges, kitsch, springs, sinkholes, manatees, birds, gopher tortoises, alligators, sawtooth palmetto, live oak, palms, mangroves, and sand.  Lots of sand. Not just at the beach, but inland also. Scratch the surface anywhere and there is sand. An eighth inch under that grass - sand. We are constantly sweeping sand out of Our V.

Have visited many tourist attractions that were put out of business at some point after Disney opened in late 1971, and were bought up by the state to be state parks. 

Many bike rides. A few boat rides, canoe, and kayak. Lots of walks. Hard to call any of them hikes when there is no elevation gain. 

Most days are bright and sunny with temps between 50 and 80 and it is a joy to be outside. I forget it is winter. It has rained a few times, not a problem. 
But when the temps get over 80 and the humidity is also over 80% I am ready to pack up and head for Wisconsin.