Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here is the latest entry in the Ridiculous Warning Labels collection:

This label appears on the bottom of a coworkers new netbook. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Ed.

How are you supposed to type, he wanted to know, if you mustn't let this computer come in contact with your skin?

Ed came up with the obvious answer - clearly he needs to wear gloves while typing on his new computer.

The rest of the warning:


I suspect that this warning is meant to prevent, and especially to prevent lawsuits for, the dreaded erythema ab igne, or , in English, "Toasted Skin Syndrome". As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.

According to recent reports, this one taken from WebMD,

People who spend prolonged periods of time studying, reading, or playing games on laptop computers resting on their upper legs could develop “toasted skin syndrome,” a case report shows.

The “syndrome” consists of a brownish discoloration of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to heat from the computer.


They also recommend that laptop computers carry a warning label alerting consumers about possible skin problems the devices can cause. Some major computer makers already do this.

So there you have it folks. Something new to worry about. I suggest, just to play it safe, that you exercise extreme caution when using your computer from now on.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Very First Restroom Post ! ! ! Posted on World Toilet Day !

It is a family tradition to post about restrooms.

See the

And now finally I also have a post on the subject!!!

Even better, today is World Toilet Day ! ! ! (thanks for letting me know, Lumpy.)

For the past few months, there is has been a lot of construction in the building where I work. Yesterday they started on the restrooms on our floor.

Here are the Before pictures of the women's restroom:

And the After:

For you alert readers, yes, that last picture was not in the women's restroom, but was a gratuitous After shot of the men's room.

I don't even want to know what that shovel is for.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Lonely?

We had a time management course at work one day this past week.

Apparently the teacher thought that meetings can be a waste of time, and displayed the following slide:

Do you agree?

Also, he asked the question:

How can you arrange your furniture to discourage people from dropping in to chat?

I think the answer he was looking for was along the lines of, Move your desk and chair so you are facing away from the door.

But one of the answers he got was, Push your desk in front of the door.

And he gave us a helpful hint for how to make use of time wasted while driving - Listen to books on tape. He gave examples of types of books he listens to in the car such as mystery books, biographies, history, politics,

At which point someone suggested, Picture books ...

I didn't ask if he thought that blogging was a productive use of my time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Edison Gas Main Update

This is your periodic Edison Gas Main Update. Regarding the incident of November 8th, 2010.

The good news is:

This time they got to the gas main leak (Rt 1 south of 287) before it exploded.

The bad news is:

They closed down Rt 1 smack in the middle of the morning rush hour to repair it.

Route 1 does not generally look like this at 6:45 am.

Rt 1 doesn't generally look like this either. Traffic was being diverted to somewhere.

I didn't want to spend an hour in the backup to find out where traffic was being diverted to, so I made a u turn and went another way.