Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snowstorm Edison, NJ

More branches down than in hurricane. Not much left of some trees. Fall foliage against the snow is beautiful. So many trees still green.

With all this snow, the temperature never even went below freezing, as is shown by my 4 o'clocks. Had it been below 32 they would have looked like wilted lettuce.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caroline and Alan's Amazing Interactive Succah

Caroline and Alan had us for dinner on chol ha'moed. We had a wonderful time, as always.

They have the most amazing succah.

And Alan's candies taste even better than they look!

Thank you Caroline and Alan for inviting us!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Reality TV Show Called "Three Day Yom Tov With Family"

Aunt Malke has this great idea for a new reality TV show called "Three Day Yom Tov With Family".

Aunt Malke, we were glad to provide you with the inspiration.

But, not to worry, everyone survived the first days of Succot with the help of:
  • Great company,

  • Adorable baby and toddlers,

  • Yummy food brought by Eli and Stacy, Aunt Malke and Uncle Elliot, and Rachel and Selig.

  • Yummy challah baked by the Lump.

  • Tons of help before and during from Lumpy and my Pi.

  • Tunnel building and other assorted entertainment for Moshe by the Poot.

  • Lots of help by everyone who was here (especially after some reminders).

  • Sleepover use of a neighbor's house, another neighbor's den, and

  • A bottle of children's Tylenol.

Thank you everyone for coming and helping.

Havdalah in the Succah:

Annual Group Photo Op:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Most Amazing Succah Showroom!

We have a new succah! But that is not what this post is about.

This post is about the place where we bought our new succah.

It is one of those places you should go see even if you don’t need a succah!

The other succah places where we shopped had maybe one demo succah set up. Or a half a succah (sorry, two walls, not kosher). Or an adorable dwee 2 ft model succah that your hamsters would love (and so light!)

This place however had a whole indoor showroom of various types of succah. There were a whole bunch of full size, fully set up succahs.

And when I say fully set up, I mean with decorations and tables and chairs and place settings.

But that is not all. Oh no, that is not all!

One succah even had Mannequins!

Bob is at the front, shaking hands with the ba'al ha'succah. The chesed shown by the ba'al ha'succah to invite this assorted group is truly amazing! (In addition to the variously challenged people you can see in the succah such as the chemotherapy patient, the woman in the lower left of the photo has no arms!)

This is the succah which we bought, though in a different color:

The portable succah (use it as your camp shower room after succot):

Some other choices:

Look thru the window to see the succah we bought. At the same time, admire the artificial tree growing between the succahs!

In addition to your new succah, you can also buy (for your new succah):

tables, chairs, beds

and decorations, including wishful thinking murals of Yerushalayim:

Here is Gary writing up our order, and all ready in case he feels a "Hamlet Moment" coming on.

Or maybe Poor Yorick is just waiting for one of those hamster succahs.

So go check it out - The National Sukkah Outlet- SukkahOutlet.Com - 20 Brighton Ave , Clifton, NJ (Passaic?).

And if you end up buying one, remind them that they owe Lill $25 commission.

Have a great Yom Tov!