Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon - Canoeing and Kayaking the Meadowlands With Hackensack Riverkeeper

Stupendous full moon canoe/kayak Tuesday evening in the Meadowlands with the awesome Hackensack Riverkeeper

At the dock in Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus

The "Before" picture

That's the eastern spur of NJ Turnpike in the background

One World Trade Center and lower Manhattan 

John,  lead guide

Narrowish channel

Eastern Spur NJ Turnpike

Loved the reflections of the sky in the water! 

We were near Newark

These might have been egrets

Empire State Building in red on lower right

One World Trade Center 

Headlamps for safety - if you get lost, it helps them find you

Friday, August 16, 2013

This is Nowhere Near as Good a My Story

Saw this story online today about a mom who decided she didn't like the name she gave her daughter.

Excerpts from the story:
When my daughter was about three days old I decided I hated the name and cried about it to anyone who would listen. The name in question: Nora.  We loved  the name and all was well until two days after her birth when I saw it in print: The name looked so weird.  It sounded off, too old-lady, unfeminine.  I honestly felt like I'd made a terrible mistake, but one I couldn't remedy. Or could I? I sound like a crazy person, right?  

My story about Aryeh's name is much better!

To see the full article: Why I Wanted to Change My Daughter's Name

Tuesday, August 13, 2013