Thursday, October 10, 2013

Playing Tourist in Central Park

I love NY! 

We took the (free!) West Side Stories Tour with the Central Park Conservancy on Sunday. Highly recommended. 

But what I enjoyed most about Central Park are all the street performers and various other people.  Here are some of those we saw in just a little time in the park:

Jazz Ensemble.  Did their best to drown out guides Marge and Valerie. 

Very cool!

Photo Shoot

Not sure if Ms. Pink Hair and Mr Native American Looking Guy's whole act is just setting up and then not actually playing, since we got tired of watching them putter around and finally left.


Acapella Group 

Bagpiper. Didn't even bother to wear a kilt!

Lots of guitar players.  "Imagine". "Strawberry Fields".  I think there is a law that only lets them play Beatles music.