Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ridiculous Road (actually, foot path) Sign

This sign provided a laugh during an otherwise somber weekend

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reflections in Atlantic City

I was in Atlantic City on Wed and Thurs on business.

Here is a picture of me ...

And some without me ...

I gave a very short presentation on Thursday. Here is the the setup before I spoke. Notice the view of my desktop on the screen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Oma!

Happy Birthday Oma! And thanks for inviting us, Perry!

We really need to get out more. I don't think we've been in the city since Oma's last party.

Took NJ Transit in. 1st time on a double decker train!!! Why does everyone ask if we sat on top or bottom? Don't you all know me better? My Pi got seasick. Riding backwards. All that sway.

Didn't have my camera with me! Hard to believe I know, but forgot it at work. Got this off the web

Thought ride in would be the highlight, but dinner was. Wow. Perry sure knows how to throw a party.

Some observations:

Me and my pi were the only people walking in Manhattan yesterday not wearing jeans.

Saw a car with Kansas license plates. Driver and passenger nowhere in sight. Probably hiding. Must get tedious being told "You're not in Kansas anymore."

Very cool fish in the fish tank at Prime Grill. No - not available for dinner.

Other exciting news. The baby birds have left the nest. Without even saying goodbye. Or posing for a picture.

Here is the last one I have of them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Triplets on Mother's Day

The eggs have hatched and we have triplets!

At first it looked like they were being raised by a single mom. Happily, I saw dad helping out later.

Here is some nice quality family time for your Mother's Day enjoyment.

Fun in the Poconos, The Lansey Family Vacation Part 2

Was a huge success.

Drizzly, rainy weather kept the crowds away and made the waterfalls amazing.

What we did not do:

1.Snowtubing & Horseback Riding
Though it would have been great fun to see the horses on snow tubes.

2.Lakota Wolf Preserve.
Enjoy wolves in their natural surroundings. Two shows daily.


Though one of us might have considered it.

What we did do:

Enjoyed a roaring fake fire

Dingman's Falls
George w Childs Recreation Site

Anyone who wants a link to the full set of photos, let me know.

And Childrentals, just because Mother's Day is a stupid, made up, commercial Hallmark day, does not mean you do not have to call.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Many Ways Can You Say "Bad Weather"? The Lansey Family Vacation Part 1

Live from the Poconos, the Lansey Family Vacation continues, down from 7 to 2 Lanseys.

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Last week when my Pi checked the weather, the forecast was for:

Friday Thundershowers

Saturday Showers

Sunday Light Rain

Monday Cloudy

Tuesday Scattered Thunderstorms

Checking the weather report today:

Wednesday Rain

Thursday AM Showers

Vacation over but what the heck:

Friday Isolated T-Storms

Saturday Showers

Sunday Few Showers

Just for the record, the worst weather was on Tuesday.