Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Commute Was In The News AGAIN / Pirsumei d’Nisa

What is it with the section of Route 1 North between Old Post Road and Route 287?

It is shaping up to be the Bermuda Triangle of the New Jersey road system.

I have already blogged about how the Gas Main leak on the morning of November 8th caused the road to be blocked off ...

Didn’t even bother blogging these photos about the brush fire by the Raritan River on November 3rd . Route 1 wasn't shut down for that one, there just was a lot of rubbernecking. And ash falling from the sky.

And tonight, the section was section closed off again because a a transformer was on fire. And the telephone pole it was on was also burning nicely.

According to the news

EDISON — The northbound lanes of Route 1 near Old Post Road are expected to reopen tonight after being closed for a motor vehicle accident and a transformer fire, police said.

The activity backed jammed highway traffic before 7 p.m.
Police described the accident as “minor” and said it occurred after the road was partially blocked by authorities responding to the fire. Police had no further details at the time.

The telephone pole on fire looked to me like the Klu Klux Klan had been in the neighborhood.

Or, maybe Chabad had a bad idea for Pirsumei d’Nisa.

Happy Chanukah.

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