Monday, September 15, 2008

The Parental Units Go To Boston

We drove up to the Berkshires Tuesday evening

And stayed in this (partly) dry tent cabin

Went rafting on the Deerfield River on Wednesday

My Pi - the before picture
My Pi - the after picture

It was a beautiful day

The official photographer

Just in case you were wondering ...

Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon we stayed at the Wyndham in Chelsea.

The view from our room.

Which was near the airport

I worked Thursday and most of Friday
And went to the Poot's apartment for Shabbos

The Poot joined us for Shabbos lunch and was kind enough to spend some time with us Motz shabbos

And saw us off on Sunday
On the way home we went to see Julia
And stopped off in Teaneck to admire pots and utensils
and try out a hammock chair

I hope to finish unpacking before the Danzigers get here on Friday for shabbos

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notElon said...

If the wetsuit still works inside out or backwards, who's to say that is not the right way to wear it לכתכלה.