Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ridiculous Road Sign

I know you are all waiting for incredibly scenic vacation photos, but you'll have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, from Nevada, here is an addition to the ridiculous road signs collection.

From a distance:

A little closer:

The arrow is pointing to a stop sign.

Other ridiculous road signs were all the BUMP signs, as in BUMP AHEAD, BUMP 400 ft, BUMP 200 ft, and BUMP.

The highly advertised BUMPs, when you finally got to them, were eqivalent to a well patched pothole in NY/NJ. Maybe a little rumble would be generated when going over them.

In fact, were NY/NJ to put up signs for BUMPs like these, there would not be enough room on the road shoulder for them and the signs would need to be stacked. Around here it would be better to put up road signs, in the event such a section of road could be found, that would say AREA OF NO BUMPS AHEAD 400 ft. So the Driver would not be startled.


Eli said...

Ha! That's pretty hilarious. But did you stop?

the moot said...

As instructed here:
- We came to a complete stop behind the stop sign.
- We checked traffic thoroughly in all directions - with our binoculars.
- We yielded to pedestrians and other vehicles. There were none.

- We proceeded carefully …

And almost got sideswiped by a tractor trailer, 100 miles later.