Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patishch Kail, Close But No Cigar

Instead of the usual Ortega hard taco shells, I recently bought a pack of 12 Ortega Flour Tortillas.

First I checked for hashgacha of course, and yup, the tortillas are OU pareve. But not only OU pareve, they are also Patishch Kail.

This message raises several questions

- Is there a new chumra I haven't heard about? Patishch Kail?

- Perhaps the OU Pareve is also a typo, and the stuff is really OR (registered trademark) Parvenu? (Thanks, spell check)

- What is Parvenu anyway, spell check?

- Is this packaging Sheimos?

I contacted Ortega to get an answer to these urgent questions.

Marge Broncaccio responded to my query:

Dear Ms. Lansey,

Thank you for contacting B&G Foods, Inc.

As you would expect, we place a great value on the opinions of our consumers. So, we were truly delighted to hear how much you enjoy our Ortega Flour Tortillas.

At B&G Foods, Inc. we are well aware that quality products and customer satisfaction are a winning combination.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our many fine products.

Thank you also for bringing to our attention the spelling error.

Please accept the complimentary coupons that I will be mailing to you today.

Youp!!! Youp!!! Coupons!!! Just in time for pesach.

My Pi also brought the matter to the attention of Rabbi L. We have not heard back from him. Pehaps he is busy with other things at the moment.

Responding to Patishch Kail is clearly not as urgent for Rabbli L. as responding to the advertising campaign some clever marketing person came up with a few years ago, that was caught by my Pi.

It was also in the Close But No Cigar category: Enjoy Drake's Cakes at your Passover Seder, OU Dairy!!! The OU took care of that one very quickly.

By the way, the tortillas worked really well with chili.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh,
is a not kosher restuarant in Louisiana.

notElon said...

I bet they meant פתישכאל. Sometimes people get mixed up on which mem or chaf to use. It happens to everyone.