Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Server Cabinet

I'm finally getting over the PPD I've been suffering from this past week. Post Pesach Disorder, in case you were wondering. Or, if you are Uncle Sysfrog, Pre Pesach Disorder.

In other exciting news, my boss picked up a new server cabinet on Friday.

I have some good ideas of what it can be used for before it gets set up:

1. Next person who crashes the server gets a Time Out.

2. I always wanted a walk in closet.

3. I will stand in it, and alternate between announcing "Going Up!" and "Going Down!"

4. We are going to lower it into the ocean and go swimming with the sharks.

Anyone have any other ideas?


Aryeh said...

Imprison those who disobey the wills of the SQL Chancellor.

Jonathan/Yoni said...

to make phone calls
hide when your boss comes and wants to give u more work

notElon said...

I cannot believe that no one suggested the obvious use as a Faraday cage.

the moot said...

Barry says it's a magic disappearing box. You put employees in and make them disappear. He gets to choose which employees.

Anonymous said...

Buy a Velociraptor and start a side business of petting zoo.

foozbot said...

It's my new office, for when I get a promotion.

the moot said...

Building on what Yoni said -

A place for Clark Kent to change into Superman.

Summer Lyra Miles said...

Well, I can say that it is better server cabinet, You just need to use it properly.