Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bumper Stickers

I don't approve of bumper stickers or magnetic ribbons, etc plastered on the backs of cars. I feel that that sort of self-aggrandizement looks tacky. A car is much more authentically and esthetically adorned with dings, scratches, dents, rust, bird poop, insect juice, or Wash Me finger-painted into dust on the back window.

IMHO, If you have something to say, put the bumper sticker on your forehead. Or better yet, say it on the web.

However, on to way to Teaneck today, (great brunch you guys, thank you! Happy Father's Day to all), we saw this bumper sticker. After a high speed chase on Route 1, I managed to capture this shot and put it on the web. Where it belongs.

I think we sort of spooked the guy driving the car by chasing after him and snapping pictures of his car. He looked to be in his 20 somethings, by the way. Certainly old enough to be tired again.

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