Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Extended Celebration

I think I set a record this year for maximum use of a birthday as an excuse for celebration. Past weekend was Surprise Birthday Party #3. And because this one was so far past my birthday's "use by" date, it really was a surprise. Thank you Sharon & Mendy! Your hospitality is way over the top.

This was the best birthday cake ever (not that I didn't enjoy the watermelon, Eli and Stacy, Surprise Party #2.)

Also, finally got to see the Barnes Foundation. And enjoy this georgeous garden by world famous Philly landscape architect Thomas W. Sears.

You know me and flowers.

fyi Surprise Party #1 was on July 6th, at work, with a Carvel ice cream cake (which is what I said I wanted for my surprise party.)

Any more celebrations after this time will be in honor of The Poot's birthday.


Jonathan said...

I'm looking forward to very many of them . . . but I suppose you will just throw one each time I'm home - so probably not that many in the end.

Eli said...

I was thinking maybe we can throw Yoni birthday surprise birthday parties even when he's not home. It's more surprising that way!