Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stakeout at the Highland Park Library

So I'm walking towards the HP library and see this at the bike rack: You all know that Lumpy's bike was stolen recently, and I just happened to know that it was a Diamondback Maravista DB.

Could this be his bike? I decide to do a stakeout. The plan is to pretend to be taking pictures of the flowers, and capture the criminal in the act of unlocking the bike. I position myself strategically.

I also call for backup.

And while I am waiting for backup to arrive, or someone to come out of the library and unlock the bike, I figure, what the heck, might as well take pictures of the flowers.

Backup shows up. He scopes out the library to see if he recognizes anyone who might have been lurking around at Rutgers. Then comes out and observes everyone who leaves. I'm sad to admit that maybe we do some racial profiling. Amazing how many people look suspicious! The library closes at 5:00. It is 5:00. Everyone has left the building. No one has come to claim the bike. Ah ha! It appears that one of the suspicious looking people saw Lumpy hanging around and got scared off!

And then! One more person comes out of the library! This is the very last person to come out of the building. Even all the librarians have already come out. And in a flash, the suspect is off on the bike!

He looks familiar. I suspect he works at the library. This is confirmed by the 5 librarians still standing in front of the library chatting. Who all know me, of course. And who all want to know why I took a picture of the guy. And who will all vouch for his sterling character. And is there anyone who you would rather have vouch for your sterling character than a bunch of librarians???

And anyway, Lumpy thinks it looks a little different from his bike. And when we compare the pictures at home we see the differences.

So I got some very nice pictures of some flowers. And I will have to tell that kid in the library to always lock his bike up very carefully.

If I am not too embarrassed to go back.


Eli said...

It looks like the latch holding the seat up is different, right?
You should also tell the kid that he should wear a helmet!

notElon said...

Lump's bike has black trim. That one has gray.

Susan said...

Sorry - I rad the story with hopes for a happy ending. Don't give up, you will succeed. Oh, and by the way, nice flowers!!
Aunt Susan

Eli said...

notElon, I figured that was just the lighting.