Sunday, March 21, 2010

Past Its Expiration Date - We Need Your Vote!

Which is the most impressive example of Past Its Expiration Date?

Vote for Tomato Sauce #1, Tomato Sauce #2, or Once Was an Apple (we think).

Tomato Sauce #1
Close up of Tomato Sauce #1

Tomato Sauce #2
Close up of Tomato Sauce #2

Once Was an Apple (we think) - turned up in the basement during pesach cleaning. We figure it came home with Eli from camp.

Alternate view of Once Was an Apple (we think)


Eli said...

Gotta give it to the apple. We find tomato products like that fairly regularly (pizza leftover casualties). Although, that onion we found a few months ago in our house could've held its own in this competition.

Jonathan said...

definitely the apple, it looks so old that everything growing on it has already died!

notElon said...

I volunteered to help kasher a kitchen for boy scouts, and we found something that could give the apple a run for its money. Inside an oven was bacon from last summer. At least I think it was bacon, and I hope it was form only last summer, but it was kind of hard to tell at this point.

We offered some for the goyisch workers, but they turned it down.

the moot said...

If it were bacon, I would think there would have been so many preservatives in it that nothing would have grown on it, and it would have just dried out.

You should have described it as Bacon Jerky, and one of the workers may have taken you up on your offer.

Send a picture and I'll post it.