Sunday, March 14, 2010

Storm Damage

We have been out of power since 8pm last night. PSEG is saying it won't be fixed till Tuesday night.

But the blog must go on ...

Some photos from the block.

Across the street.

Not sure what the problem is here, but a fire truck was out here for several hours last night,
Down the block.
Their daughter is getting married today!
Next door.


About 1:30 pm,

Apparently, this was the cause of the outage, and it was burning on the wire here last night:
After they removed a lot of the broken branch:

The car from across the street. Hard to see in this picture, but the roof rack was full of pine branches.

At 2 pm, the power came back on.

And our crocuses made it through despite everything.

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Eli said...

Our crocuses got eaten by squirrels. Any tips on how to protect our tulips?