Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Song With the Word "Dream" In It

At the balloon festival, I was a contestant in a trivia game.

One of the questions I buzzed in on was, “Sing a Song That Has the Word Dream in It.” I thought I could get away with naming the title, but no…, I had to sing it.

I gave “Daydream Believer” as the song name, but, I realized later, the song I started muttering was “Eternal Flame.” No wonder I couldn’t figure out where the words "Daydream Believer" fit into it.

Somehow they let me have the point, but I would have been embarrassed had I won the game with sort of a not kosher answer. Even though "Eternal Flame" has the word "Dream" in it also.

But I would have been even more embarrassed had I lost to this group in what would have been a version of “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader.”

Anyway I have been singing "California Dream'n" all week.

If you can think of any other song containing the word "Dream", feel free to post it to the comments section. I won't even make you sing.


Anonymous said...

Dream On - Aerosmith
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - Eurythmics

Eli said...

Dreaming of a White Christmas
Enter Sandman - Metallica

Anonymous said...

To dream the impossible dream,
Man of La mancha