Saturday, October 30, 2010

Expect the Extraordinary

My eye doctor's office is the most amazing place in NJ. Maybe the entire East Coast.

He likes to collect things. That's like saying Bill Gates has some money. Or World Peace would be nice.

This is the waiting room.

Facing the other way.

A detail.

Zooming out a bit. In case you can't tell, this is one of the waiting room chairs.

When I sit down, I sit on the very edge of the chair. Though mostly I walk around looking.

At first when I started coming here years ago, there was only an amazing rock collection. Smaller pieces were in display cases like the one in this picture, and larger pieces were laid out on the floor where you probably wouldn't trip over them.

Maybe the seashell collection dates back to that time too.

And possibly the feather collection.

Over the years the collection has grown. And grown.

This is the entrance.

In case you were wondering, he is an excellent eye doctor. And very nice guy.

He showed me some interesting photos that will be in the next (8th) edition of his book, the Manual for Eye Examination and Diagnosis. Nice shots of some ophthalmic side effects of a few common medications.

In addition to an eye exam, he does a blood pressure screening.

Wouldn't you like your doctor to be as thorough as this guy clearly is?

And as for the eye exam, Can you see the Kewpie doll in the red dress? Now close your other eye...

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notElon said...

All the bright colors make my eyes hurt. But since he is an ophthalmologist, that is probably the idea.