Sunday, October 10, 2010

How would my life have turned out differently? Part l

Going thru old photos today.

Came across this photo of me from my kindergarten class picture. A very rare Pre Glasses photo.

Here is a more typical childhood photo. These hideous eye glass frames came in two colors, pastel blue and pastel pink.

There were sparkles embedded in the plastic at the ends. This did not improve anything. No other glasses were available for girls at that time.

It didn't matter which color you chose. The glasses were absolutely disfiguring in either color.

So I just can't help wondering what life would have been like for me had I not needed glasses by 2nd grade.

Or if contact lenses had been invented that were suitable for little kids in 1962. Or even if more kids needed glasses before 6th grade.

Wearing glasses like that as a little kid was the equivalent of wearing a sign on my back saying, "I Am Really Weird", or "Best Avoid This Person In Case She Is Contagious", or just plain, "Kick Me."

I finally got wire frame glasses in high school, and they were somewhat of an improvement over the cat's eye, as anything would have been, but they were no great shakes either.

People my age say things like "no great shakes".

I got contact lenses when I was 18. No more dork!!! Another benefit, no more getting glasses knocked off while playing basketball!!!

Even Bob says it is a good thing I was wearing contacts by the time we met.

In case you are interested in history, here is the rest of the kindergarten picture. Yes, that is what kids in PS 189 looked like back when dinosaurs roamed the earth! Pretty funny, eh?


Jonathan said...

Are people as old as you allowed to be blogging?
If you will allow me to respond for you:
Lill: "I was blogging on mainframes with punchcards before you were born!"

the moot said...

A response to this comment merits a blog post of its own.

Stay tuned.