Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Moot, Investigative Blogger

As some of you who follow this blog may know, sometimes I take a walk in Rahway River Park in the morning before work. In fact I have a separate blog just for posting photos taken there.

Turns out the county is replacing the dam by the scenic wooden bridge on the pond.

The whole area has been blocked off.

But, camera in hand, I ducked under the barricade, walked over to the construction crew, and asked for the boss. I introduced myself and got permission to come in anytime to take pictures of the work in progress, for the blog.

Check it out. rahwayriverpark.blogspot .

Maybe I’ll start wearing the Mammoth Cave hard hat.

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Eli said...

I've often thought about wearing a hard hat and reflective vest and carrying a clipboard and walking into construction sites like I'm supposed to be there...