Saturday, January 29, 2011

Announcing A New Contest!

I am starting a new contest called (drumroll please)

Guess What is Under That Mound of Snow !

Here is a picture of the backyard, with several mounds labeled:

Post your guesses for what you think is under mounds A through M in the comments.

Person who correctly guesses the greatest number of answers will be declared the Winner.

First prize is The winner of the contest will have the glory of winning the contest.

The Winner will be announced in July. (At least I hope to be able to announce a winner by then.)

Try to remember the postition of the visible items in this picture (playgym, basketball hoop, trees) for later, when they are marked in additional installments of this contest, in February.

1 comment:

Eli said...

Now that most of the snow has melted, we're waiting for an answer key!