Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Birthday Celebration, 2011 Version

On the subject of birthdays, Happy Birthday Eli!

It's a yearly tradition for me to give a sense of just how exciting my life is by blogging about my annual endless birthday celebration.

This year's celebration started off with a bang with the Family Vacation to California. Which is really pushing it as a birthday celebration for me given that it took place in May, and had top billing as a birthday celebration for my Pi. (We had 3 surprise birthday parties for him in just that one week, and none for me. But we did mention to "keep in mind" that the trip was for my birthday also.)

Followed by a record breaking number of movies in one year let alone one month, TWO! Thank you "Corporate Perks"!


And yesterday, Plays In the Park opening night for Annie. Video.

Stay tuned. The actual day is still 2 weeks away.

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