Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Reality TV Show Called "Three Day Yom Tov With Family"

Aunt Malke has this great idea for a new reality TV show called "Three Day Yom Tov With Family".

Aunt Malke, we were glad to provide you with the inspiration.

But, not to worry, everyone survived the first days of Succot with the help of:
  • Great company,

  • Adorable baby and toddlers,

  • Yummy food brought by Eli and Stacy, Aunt Malke and Uncle Elliot, and Rachel and Selig.

  • Yummy challah baked by the Lump.

  • Tons of help before and during from Lumpy and my Pi.

  • Tunnel building and other assorted entertainment for Moshe by the Poot.

  • Lots of help by everyone who was here (especially after some reminders).

  • Sleepover use of a neighbor's house, another neighbor's den, and

  • A bottle of children's Tylenol.

Thank you everyone for coming and helping.

Havdalah in the Succah:

Annual Group Photo Op:


Jonathan said...

and food made by the Lump too! (and you forgot to list yourself)

the moot said...

Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out, Jonathan. I have rectified the error, as well as giving appropriate credit to the Poot.