Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NIMBY, NIOBYs continued

So the police were called. And they came to investigate the following morning. And this was the report I got from the neighbor:

8:00 am Police came and checked it out. No one was there but inside the tent was bedding and some takeout food cartons. Police left a note telling them to leave. Cop said there was another such case recently that they chased away. If they don't leave, we should call them back. Hooverville in our back yard- who would have guessed!!!

I couldn’t believe it! Takeout food cartons?!? This person should have been living off the land. There is plenty of fresh venison (a whole herd at least, judging from the traffic loitering in and passing through my backyard), onion grass and dandelion leaves (yes, there is at least something green growing there) and mushrooms (then again, maybe not the mushrooms...)

To be continued …

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