Friday, February 14, 2014

Paterson Great Falls in Winter

Was in Paterson Wednesday on business. Stopped off to see the falls.  

 I am not one to pass up a visitor center so I also stopped at the Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center .
Had a lot of fun talking to Glenn Hutton, the guy manning the place.

He had a lot to say on many subjects (one of which was all his various hobbies).  Maybe he was so chatty because he doesn't get many visitors there (the previous signature in the sign in book was from 2 days earlier).  He embarrassed me into taking every one of the handouts (he was watching carefully and pointed out any I missed).

He also had a very interesting conversation with two public works employees with whom he had previously been clearing snow outside, and who had followed us in. Part of the conversation was about what was uncovered when they were digging on the grounds to plant rose bushes.

The neighborhood is a bit sketchy so if you go, it is probably better to go during business hours and keep an eye open.

Other pictures from the area:

Alexander Hamilton

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