Monday, October 26, 2020

On the Road Again

Last year, we arrived home from our fall/winter trip on the 3rd of March, after 4 months, 6,105 miles, the feeling that our neighborhood would look a lot better with the addition of some palm trees, and great plans for a trip over the coming spring and summer. Two weeks later, we were afraid to leave the house.  

Last year, we left on our fall/winter trip with great excitement and ambition: to possibly get as far as Key West, see and do as much as possible: hike, bike, canoe, kayak; visit museums, local attractions, botanical gardens, state and national parks, and Jewish communities along the way, 

This year, we have two goals: 

1. To get out of the house,


2. Not to catch Covid.  

We left yesterday, and are currently in the wilds of Ohio, at West Branch State Park. 


Rosanne said...

So happy for you. Have a great time

Unknown said...

Looks so relaxing. Enjoy!!

Unknown said...

It's Aliyana 😷

Unknown said...

Looks so relaxing. Enjoy!!

Cheryl and Jeff said...

Have a great time! So glad you can get away!
Cheryl and Jeff