Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun in the Poconos, The Lansey Family Vacation Part 2

Was a huge success.

Drizzly, rainy weather kept the crowds away and made the waterfalls amazing.

What we did not do:

1.Snowtubing & Horseback Riding
Though it would have been great fun to see the horses on snow tubes.

2.Lakota Wolf Preserve.
Enjoy wolves in their natural surroundings. Two shows daily.


Though one of us might have considered it.

What we did do:

Enjoyed a roaring fake fire

Dingman's Falls
George w Childs Recreation Site

Anyone who wants a link to the full set of photos, let me know.

And Childrentals, just because Mother's Day is a stupid, made up, commercial Hallmark day, does not mean you do not have to call.

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