Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Lonely?

We had a time management course at work one day this past week.

Apparently the teacher thought that meetings can be a waste of time, and displayed the following slide:

Do you agree?

Also, he asked the question:

How can you arrange your furniture to discourage people from dropping in to chat?

I think the answer he was looking for was along the lines of, Move your desk and chair so you are facing away from the door.

But one of the answers he got was, Push your desk in front of the door.

And he gave us a helpful hint for how to make use of time wasted while driving - Listen to books on tape. He gave examples of types of books he listens to in the car such as mystery books, biographies, history, politics,

At which point someone suggested, Picture books ...

I didn't ask if he thought that blogging was a productive use of my time.


Jonathan said...

"push your desk in front of the door" thats great.

notElon said...

Did anyone ask how much time is wasted in time management courses?