Monday, May 14, 2012

A Dismal Mother’s Day

This post is about our Mother’s Day visit to the Dismal Swamp, the self proclaimed “Everglades of Central New Jersey”.

Though personally, I think that title is a bit of a stretch. Maybe the “Everglades of Metuchen”.  Or better yet, “It Sometimes Get Muddy Here, Especially After a Rain”.

This was our second try to find the Dismal Swamp.  The first time, all we were able to find in the general area was a superfund site.  

This time we got to walk around a bit and see the Triple C Ranch, located in the “heart of the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area”.   

The swamp had a few vistas,

and the Triple C Ranch had a few farm animals. 

and this interesting sign.

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notElon said...

That is not fair! If the Floridian Wildlife Department ever remembered to mow the Everglades, it would look just like this.