Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Did You and Your Cake the Patient

Question: What do the following 3 sentences have in common? 
 Did you at UK to the patient?   
 Did you and you cant the patient? 
 Did you and your cake the patient

Answer: They are Google Voice Recognition's attempt at understanding the following question:

Did you educate the patient? 

 In case you are wondering ... I had to type up some questions the other day.  Since I am the Guinness world record holder for "World's WOrst TYpist," I decided to try Google Voice Recognition instead of typing.  

I am usually a big fan of  Google Voice Recognition, but for some reason, it had a problem with my pronunciation of the word "Educate" .

Here is another entertaining example of lost in translation:

Demonia old vaccines
P m o gna cockles vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine

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