Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've moved!

Barry moved out, Mike had first dibs but passed, so I moved into Barry's previous space. Definitely a move up!

The two best things - I don't get the sun blasting in my eyes in the afternoon anymore, and more room for my plants.

The old space:

The new space (across from old space):

Some redecorating. I'm keeping with the general pharmaceutical theme here. This diplay was sponsered by a famous anti-psychotic. I think tissues are much better to give a psychotic than a stapler, don't you? Both great for the color scheme, though.
The view from the outside, just to be thorough.

And finally, redecorating outside:

Actually, normally when you work on the 2nd floor, you don't expect to see something bigger than a bird or squirrel moving around outside your window, out of the corner of your eye. However, once I realized I wasn't having a psychotic episode (for which I would have been well prepared with tissues and a stapler), it was a good few minutes worth of entertainment. And a welcome change from the usual car crash.

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Jonathan/Yoni said...

very hilarious! thanks for the entertainment and congrats on your new office location