Sunday, July 17, 2011

HIVES - Part II - A Second Opinion

Actually went to my doctor on Friday, for a second opinion.

My usual doc was not in, but the one who was concurred with my diagnosis of "Pretty weird, huh?"

Figured that the most likely cause was an allergic reaction to the meds I had recently taken (see earlier post) but that didn't explain the fever. And it was unusual that the allergic reaction showed up two days after I had finished the meds, not during.

The doctor discounted my theory of "Super Skin Sensitivity Following a Bout of Poison Ivy" as being a contributing factor, in addition to the drug allergy.

Shows how much he knows, huh. (Just be glad I didn't blog those photos.)

So the doctor agreed that I could continue with what I had been doing - treating the symptoms and "wait and see" how things progress.

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