Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Launch of Columbia, March 22, 1982

Lumpy and the Poot were privileged to see the last shuttle launch on July 8th.

They have several excellent blog posts about it including The Challenging Enterprise In Which We Endeavoured to Discover Atlantis (We Drove Past The District of Columbia)

It was nice symmetry that they went to see the last launch since me and my Pi had seen one of the first.

Back in the day when my Pi was launching communications satellites for GTE and being courted by NASA, we got VIP invites to a shuttle launch.

It wasn't convenient to go to the first two shuttle launches, but we went to see the 3rd - Columbia, March 22, 1982.

These pictures were taken with a Canon AE1
using a 200mm telephoto lens. 35 mm film (this was was WAY before digital cameras of course) .

Should have stored these photos better. I was lazy here and just took pictures of the photos instead of scanning them in.

I was the age the Poot is now at the time.

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