Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Last Sunday was my birthday.

Hooray for Geni. By 8am, I had already been wished happy birthday in person by Eli, Stacy, and my Pi, and had gotten an email from the Poot. Lumpy called when he woke up. All in all, much better than the pre-Geni days when I was lucky if one of the family members remembered my happy day sometime around 4pm if they noticed a birthday card from my parents or siblings in the mail.

The Birthday Festivities had actually started off a week early with a trip to Massachusetts for the triplet's Bnei Mitzvah, and some Berkshires tourism. The first thing Jeremy said to me was "Last time I saw you, you were taller than me. Now I am taller than you!"

As if I didn't suffer enough of that sort of abuse from the three of you.

The celebration continued with going to see the Plays In The Park production of The Producers.
My view of the stage:

Thursday evening, Papermill Playhouse's "Little Shop Of Horrors." In retrospect, it might not have been the best choice of play to take Grandma to.

My 1st surprise birthday party was at Eli and Stacy Friday nite. Sorry, no picture, for the obvious reason.

The day itself: a quick walk in Fort Tryon Park. No one to take our picture, so we had to improvise. (My Pi has a steadier hand than I.)

followed by helping out in Teaneck:

And, in the evening, a concert in the park followed by fireworks. I forgot my camera at home so I got this photo from the NJ Symphony Orchestra website, but you get the idea.

The celebration continued with my 2nd surprise party, this one at work: The wild party:

The picture at the top of this post was the cake. I had 2 pieces.

It was a very exciting week and a half for a person my age.

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