Monday, July 7, 2008

Introduction and Welcome!

Welcome to the KeepingUpWithTheParentalUnits blog!

So why have I started this blog?

We have found out that the best (and sometimes only) way of knowing what the Childrental Units(1) have been doing (and in which part of the world they have been doing so(2),) is to read their blog.

So it follows logically that the reverse ought to be true as well; for the Childrental Units to know what the Parental Units have been doing (and where(3)) they can read our blog!

Also, a blog is a great way to show off our vacation(3) and silly sign pictures.

And spending time blogging is better than doing laundry, dishes, etc.

So to start off: Some silly sign pictures:

Possible caption #1: This will enrage the Equal Rites For The Dead Society
Possible caption #2: Don't tow, officer , he's only sleeping...

Possible caption #1: Walk-ins Welcome.
Possible caption #2: Please don't feed the wildlife.

Feel free to suggest any other captions.


(1)'Childrental' as in Children-tal not Child-rental. (We are not attempting to rent out our children, although Lumpy might consider a summer job (so long as he wouldn't have to work too hard) if one were to fall from heaven onto his lap, and finals were over.

(2) Yes, Poot, that refers to you.

(3) Now that we are free to take off anytime at all (work permitting) without having to fund a babysitter's college education, or risk losing friends(4).

(4) Although Ben's family is still talking to us anyway.

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